Rallying FAQ

Our events are essentially scavenger hunts by motorcycle (2- or 3-wheeler) and most often involve taking photos of persons, places, and things within a specified time. Riders pay a nominal fee used to cover modest event costs and any proceeds are given to charity. Nice people doing nice things and having a good time. What else can you ask for?

Basic idea for those new to the sport…

  • In advance of the event, riders will be provided with data files containing bonus location information which will include (but is not be limited to) latitude and longitude, a street address where available, and point values for each location.
  • The riders are responsible for planning a safe, points-productive route to ride during the event. This is not a race. Excessive speed and unsafe practices are prohibited.
  • At most bonus locations riders will take a photograph of something along with a rider-specific numbered flag (which is provided).
  • During this event you must be riding a motorcycle, Spyder, 3-wheel conversion of a motorcycle, or side-car rig. Yes, this means Slingshots and convertibles are not allowed.
  • After riders return and get through scoring we will enjoy dinner and a few awards. (Are you new? Win the Top Rookie award!)
  • Before and especially after the ride, we all enjoy the opportunity to visit and swap stories – which can the best part of all!