Two Weeks Out…

And one week from sending the Rally Pack out to riders. Tick tock! There have been a few emails sent to registered riders today. If you’re one of them, be sure to check them out.

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Correction… Valdosta NOT Augusta

The previous post has been corrected. The paragraph should have read: The 10-hour event will be occurring on Saturday, November 2, 2019 from 7am-5pm, followed by scoring and soon after by dinner. We will be gathering at Austin’s Cattle Company in Valdosta, GA for a No Host (buy your own) dinner followed by awards.

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Find Your Tribe

Many people, even other motorcyclists, will never understand what we do much less why we do it. Whether long-distance endurance riding, or scavenging for photos of a multitude of seemingly unrelated locations for hours (or days) on end, we always enjoy coming together and sharing our stories. We get it, even if others don’t. For […]

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Back Porch Rally Planning

Just a quick update. We are up to 27 registered riders with about 5 weeks left to register. At the moment we have about 400 bonus locations in the master list but I’ve begun narrowing those down to those that fit with this year’s theme. Don’t worry, your choices will be manageable. I have a […]

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Rules and Rides

So far we have 17 paid riders and a handful of volunteers so this year’s event is shaping up! I sent the welcome email and some details to the most recent addition just this morning. And over the last week, as work allows, I’ve been fine tuning the rally rules for publication. I hope to […]

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